Where is my data backed up?
Your data is backed up to Code 42's cloud, located in their Minneapolis, MN data center.

What data are you backing up?
By default, we are having CrashPlan backup everything that is on the hard drive of your College-issued computer, except system files and folders, and applications.

I have some personal data that I keep on my Hamilton computer that I don’t want backed up to the Cloud, can I exclude that?
Yes, we understand that you may have data that you don’t want stored in the Cloud.  To this end we’ve created an exception that will not back up any data in it, if you so desire.  To create this backup free zone:
Windows: C:\Users\ and create a folder called DoNotBackup.
Macintosh: Macintosh HD/Users/ and create a folder called DoNotBackup.
Files placed in this folder will not be backed up, or sent to the Cloud.

Is my data safe, can anyone read it?
Your data is secure and protected with 448-bit Blowfish encryption, both in transit to the Cloud, and while stored on Code 42's servers.  No one can access your data but you.

Can I backup my lab machines with it?
At this time, we’re deploying CrashPlan with the purpose of backing up your main office computer.  If you need assistance with backing up lab data or other special use computers, please contact the Help Desk and we’ll work with you to work out the best storage solution with you.

Does it work if I take my machine home?
Yes, it can work anywhere you have an Internet connection, on campus, or off.

Can I backup my personal computer?
No, CrashPlan is not intended to back up your personally owned computer or devices. It is for College owned equipment only. If you would like to discuss backup options for your personal devices, contact the Help Desk at 315-859-4181.

What happens to my data if I leave the College?
Should you decide to leave the employ of the College, your backup will be flagged as inactive and purged from the system.

Can the NSA or government entities view my data?
Hamilton College is the entity which holds the encryption keys to your data.  While the College would be compelled to reply to any valid subpoena by federal or law enforcement agency for such access, because we hold the keys, outside authorities are unable to decrypt the data without asking for permission from the College first.

I still don’t trust storing my data in the Cloud, can I opt not to use the program?
Absolutely.  We respect your privacy and understand that different people have different needs.  While we recommend taking advantage of this service and can assure that data stored by it is strictly kept private and secure, by no means is its use mandatory.  It should be noted however that if you decline to use the software, that LITS will not provide any material support for recovering your data should you experience a data loss event.

Help, my computer won’t boot, how do I get my data?
When your office computer won’t boot, your first call should be to the Help Desk.  We can help you get your computer back up and running.  Having CrashPlan in place will allow us to recover your data in the event that your hard disk suffers damage which would prevent us from recovering it normally.

My computer seems really slow since I installed CrashPlan, what gives?
CrashPlan is designed to work seamlessly in the background, backing up your files while you work with very little impact on your machine.  As the program builds your initial backup the impact on your machine is initially the highest.  That’s not to say it should slow down your machine but it does it’s heavy lifting in the initial days after it’s installed.  Once your initial backup is complete it only sends very small chunks of data up to the Cloud and you shouldn’t notice any significant slowdowns.

Oops, I left my computer at home but I really need a file on my desktop, can CrashPlan help me retrieve it?
If you have a smartphone, CrashPlan offers a mobile client.  You can access your files with the mobile client and restore any necessary files to your device or a Cloud storage provider (SkyDrive, Google Drive, DropBox)

I need to recover an older version of a file than what’s in my current backup.  Can CrashPlan help me recover it?
CrashPlan saves different versions of your files for recovery.  If you need to recover an older version of a file, you can select a different version in the recovery tab.

How long does it take to backup my files?
This is purely dependent upon how much data you have to start.  The initial backup window can run from a few hours to a few days.  The backup window also runs quicker when your machine is not active.

How much data can I store with CrashPlan?
Our current CrashPlan storage option offers unlimited backup space for your machine.

I have a real lot of data, can I seed my backup?
CrashPlan currently does not offer an option to seed backup sets for large amounts of data in North America.

My department needs our information to be HIPAA compliant, can we still use CrashPlan?
While every installation needs to be checked for compliance, it is possible to use CrashPlan in a HIPAA environment

Is CrashPlan SAS 70 compliant?
All Code42 datacenters are SAS 70 Type II compliant

Last updated: March 23, 2018


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