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Viewing Backups and Restoring Files in CrashPlan

To view your backup you’ll need to open the CrashPlan client.  You can do this by clicking on the icon in your system tray (Windows), or in the status bar (Mac).  Select "Show CrashPlan." When the application opens click on the Restore tab on the left.

Where it says "Restore files for computer" it should default to the computer that you are using. If you have CrashPlan on multiple computers, select the computer that you want to restore files from. You should see a list of folders and files from your backup below. Here you can search for files if you’re looking for a specific file, or you can browse through the tree. 

Select the files you need by checking the boxes next to them. If you are trying to restore a file that has been deleted, you can check the "Show deleted files" option below the list to see those as well.

At the bottom of the page you can choose some additional settings:

  • Which version of the file you want to restore. Be default, CrashPlan will restore the most recent version of a file. If you want to download a previous version, click where it says "most recent" and select the date and time for the version you want.
  • File Permissions (Mac and Linux only). By default, CrashPlan will restore with original permissions. You should only alter this if you have specific knowledge about special permissions needed for a particular file.
  • Where to restore the file to. By default, CrashPlan will it to your Desktop. If you prefer, you can click on that setting to restore it to its original location.
  • What to do if there's a duplicate file. By default, CrashPlan will keep the existing file but rename it. You can choose to have the existing file overwritten by the restored file.

Once you've selected the files and settings you want, hit the Restore button.  When restoring files, you’ll want to limit the activity you’re doing on the machine if you’re restoring a lot of data as this should make the restore faster.

Additionally a web restore is available through the browser console. The ability to recover CrashPlan Web Restoredata is performed at the  link Navigating to this page and logging in using Hamilton credentials will give the user options for App Downloads and Device management. Clicking "Devices" from the left hand panel lists all of the devices registered under that account that are performing backups. Select one of the devices and CrashPlan Web Restore Contextclick the icon that indicates restore. A web restore menu will appear with options similar to the client restore listed above. Files restored from this option are downloaded in a ZIP folder format.

Last updated: January 4, 2022


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