eduroam at Hamilton College

Hamilton College is a member of eduroam, which is a secure wireless network roaming service that allows:

  • Hamilton users with a valid network* username to connect to the eduroam wireless network at other participating institutions.
  • Guests from other participating institutions to connect to the eduroam wireless network at Hamilton.
The advantage to using eduroam for your wireless connection when you are away from Hamilton is that an eduroam wireless connection is secure and you can authenticate using your Hamilton network username and password.

How do I use eduroam when visiting a participating institution?

We recommend you first connect to the eduroam Wi-Fi network from Hamilton to validate your settings before connecting elsewhere. Your wireless device should automatically discover the eduroam wireless network and list it as an available network. Once it is found, simply select it and authenticate using your Hamilton network username and password.  You must include "@hamilton.edu" when entering your ID. Some devices require additional configuration, contact the LITS Help Desk at 315-859-4181 or via helpdesk@hamilton.edu if you have trouble getting connected.

*if you only have a Hamilton email account and do not have access to our network, you cannot access eduroam.

How does a visitor from a participating institution connect to eduroam at Hamilton?

The eduroam wireless network is available to users from other participating institutions in select locations on our campus.

Prior to connecting to our eduroam or guest wireless network, please familiarize yourself with our policy regarding the appropriate use of information technology resources at Hamilton.  http://www.hamilton.edu/offices/lits/rc/policies-responsible-use-of-networks-and-computer-facilities

  • Visitors with a valid ".edu" login ID and password from an eduroam member institution can connect to eduroam at Hamilton. The way you authenticate will be the same as when you are at your home institution.  Any special settings that may be required are determined by your home institution and are often explained on the home institution's web site.
  • Visitors who do not have a valid account from a participating eduroam institution will not be able to use the Hamilton eduroam wireless network.  However, our open (non-secure) guest wireless network (identified as "Hamilton Guest Wi-Fi") is available in many locations on our campus.   Instructions can be found at: https://www.hamilton.edu/offices/lits/rc/connecting-to-the-guest-wireless-network.


Last updated: October 31, 2022

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