Last updated: February 1, 2019

  1. Sign in  to your voicemail inbox (login using HillConnect credentials) 
  1. You will be presented with a graphical representation of the voicemails. Click on a message to select it and a 'Delete' button will appear.  Clicking on the 'Delete' button will remove the message from your voicemail inbox. If the delete option is not visible after selecting the message, scroll down to ensure that it is not hidden.
  1. Once you delete a message it is moved into your 'Deleted' voicemail storage.  A deleted voicemail message will stay there for 5 days before the voicemail system deletes it permanently.  If you want to ensure the message is permanently deleted right away, for instance if you need to recover the space because your voicemail box is low on storage, click on the 'Deleted' tab to view the deleted messages, then click on 'Empty deleted items' to remove all of the deleted messages permanently.  You also have the option of clicking on an individual message and then clicking 'Undelete' if you need to recover one you accidentally deleted within the past 5 days.

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