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What are the application requirements for international students?

There is no separate application for international students. International students follow essentially the same procedures as all students applying to Hamilton. We accept the Common Application and the Coalition Application. Please note that all official documents must be translated, preferably by an official agency if the originals are not in English.


What was the profile for students admitted to Hamilton last year?

Learn about the most recent class admitted to Hamilton.


Can I apply Early Decision as an international student?

Yes. If Hamilton is your first choice, you should apply under one of our Early Decision Plans. The admission deadlines for Early Decision are November 15 (Early Decision Plan I) or January 1 (Early Decision Plan II). Students may also convert their application to Early Decision Plan II anytime before February 1. Please note that Early Decision at Hamilton is a binding agreement. If accepted under one of our Early Decision Plans, a student must withdraw all other applications and make a commitment to enroll at Hamilton College. Failure to do so may jeopardize your admission to Hamilton as well as other colleges.


Does Hamilton admit international transfer students?

Interested international students may apply to transfer to Hamilton College, but please note that we have very limited financial aid for international students. Therefore, international students with financial need may be at a competitive disadvantage. Prospective transfer students are advised to apply after successfully completing one full semester at a college or university. The maximum number of times a student can be considered for admission to Hamilton College, including first-year or transfer admission, is three.


Will Hamilton waive my application fee?

Pleased visit our Fee Waiver page to see if you are eligible for one. Most eligible international students will fit into the final category listed. 


What is the Certificate of Finances? 

The Certificate of Finances is a document created by the College Board for international students applying to U.S. colleges. All international citizens must submit this form at the time of application (unless you are a permanent resident of the U.S., or hold dual citizenship with the U.S.), or your file will remain incomplete, regardless of whether or not you are applying for financial aid. More information about the financial aid application process can be found here


What standardized tests does Hamilton require?

Hamilton is SAT optional, but not testing optional. So, you still need to submit some form of standardized tests. If you do not submit either the SAT or the ACT, you may submit a combination of scores that can include AP exams, SAT Reasoning Test, SAT Subject Tests, IB final exam results* or the TOEFL or IELTS. Please refer to our list of acceptable subject exams that may be used, as well as the list of test submission deadlines. 

*Please note that IB predicted scores will not fulfill the testing requirement. You must have completed your IBO externally assessed exams in order for this option to fulfill the standardized testing requirement for Hamilton. 

All official test scores must be sent directly to our office. For a list of testing centers in your country or for more information regarding standardized tests you may wish to contact the following organizations:


Does Hamilton require the TOEFL?

All international students must submit a TOEFL or IELTS in addition to the general standardized testing requirement.  While Hamilton does not have a specific score requirement for these English proficiency tests, we recommend a minimum score of 100 on the internet-based TOEFL exam (or 600 on the paper-based TOEFL) or an overall band score of 7.0 for the IELTS.

Hamilton will waive the English Proficiency requirement for students whose primary language is English, students who have studied at a school with an English curriculum for at least three full years of instruction, students who score above 700 on the critical reading section of the SAT Reasoning Test, students who are taking A-1 IB English, or students who are taking A-level English exams.


Does Hamilton accept the Cambridge International A Levels?

Hamilton College welcomes applications from students with Cambridge International A Levels. The preferred requirements for entry are completion of at least 3 A level subjects in areas such as English, humanities, social sciences, mathematics, lab sciences, and/or foreign languages (applications can be submitted while in the process of completing A levels). Credit may be awarded on a case by case basis for A Level examinations with a grade of A or A*. Please contact the Registrar's office at regofc@hamilton.edu for specific questions about receiving credit for A Level examinations.


Are interviews available for international students who cannot visit campus?

Hamilton does offer off-campus interviews with alumni in select international locations. These interviews provide you with the opportunity to learn more about Hamilton and for Hamilton to learn more about you, but are not required. If we are unable to accommodate your off-campus interview request with an alumni admission volunteer, you are welcome to submit a video interview.

Please complete the off-campus interview request form to request an off-campus interview with an alumni admission volunteer or to receive directions for submitting a video interview to the admission office. 


How important are extracurricular activities in the admission decision?

Each case is different. Although Hamilton seeks to enroll well-rounded students, we realize that in many countries extracurricular activities are not a priority. If you have been an active member of a club or organization, participated in community service projects, held a job, played sports, etc., please make sure to mention these in your application. If you are interested in pursuing the visual and performing arts at Hamilton, we welcome supplementary materials that follow our guidelines. 


How do I contact the admission staff who is responsible for my area?

If you need to communicate with the admission officer who is responsible for your area (e.g. Canada, India, etc.), please visit the Admission Office staff page.