Payroll Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If your total hours are showing “0” but you have entered time in /out you will need to change your web browser. Self Service Time Entry will work with Chrome, but does not work with Safari.

Please complete a paper timesheet (green for students, grey for weekly staff), the supervisor must review and sign, and then it is returned to the payroll office by campus mail or dropped off.

Paper timesheets are located on the second floor of Philip Spencer House in the hall outside the HR and Payroll offices.

Sign into Self Service (https://collss-prod.hamilton.edu/Student/Account/Login)

Select Employee and then Time Approval to access your pending time sheets.

  • Student timecards for the pay period are viewed weekly rather than by pay period. Which means that students will now have two timecards per pay period.  Both will be due every other Monday following the Student Employment Payroll Calendar.  If students only work one week of a pay period, they still need to submit both timecards. The unworked week should be submitted with zero hours.
  • Supervisors will approve both timecards for the pay period even if one of the weeks has zero hours.  No approval is needed if students do not work during the two-week pay period.

If you are unable to find an employee on your approval list in Self Service, please be sure to clear all filters.  “Clear Search” under the Employee search and/or the “Reset Filters” under the Status.

If you are still unable to find the employee, please confirm with Human Resources you have submitted the proper documentation and the employee is clear to begin working.


  • To fully access the employee’s timecard, click the View button.
  • This will open the first week of the two-week pay period.
  • Select the arrow next to the week to advance to the next timecard
  • You must approve both timecards in the two-week period, even if one week has no hours.
  • You will not approve “Non Managed Positions” by clicking on the approve button.



Select Other Actions to reject a timecard.

  • If your employee needs to correct a timecard that you have already approved, you can choose “Unapproved” from the “Other Actions” drop down menu. 
  • If a timecard is incorrect and needs to be corrected by the employee, you can choose to “Reject”.  You will be prompted to leave a comment for the employee which is automatically emailed to the employee for their reference.  (This can only be done before the employee time entry deadline)
  • If changes need to be made after the employee time entry deadline, the supervisor can make the adjustment and approve. 
    • Supervisors should add a comment explaining the change made to the employee’s timecard. Once the comment is saved, the employee will receive an automated email of the comment for their reference.


Supervisors in Self-Service can designate another employee to act as their proxy. Which grants the employee access to approve an employee’s time sheet on their behalf. 

To access select Employee Proxy.

  • Select “Add Proxy”
  • Select “Time Approval” from the drop down menu
  • Enter the Effective Dates and Name of the person you would like to approve time sheets. 
  • Select “Add Proxy”


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