Living in Paris

Our campus is Paris with its diverse urban population and variety of cultural activities and life styles. The city also has a village-like atmosphere that provides a pleasant and stimulating environment. Strolling the streets of the capital remains a favorite of most visitors.

Reid Hall

Hamilton in France’s administrative headquarters are located in the beautiful Montparnasse/Jardin du Luxembourg/Latin Quarter area, which is a hub of student life and the geographic center of Paris. The offices and in-house classes are located in the Columbia Global Center (CGC) known as Reid Hall, where students have access to the spacious enclosed gardens, library, reading rooms and a private account into Reid Hall Wi-Fi.

Under normal circumstances, Reid Hall is open every day and most evenings except official holiday. Small groceries and eateries in the neighborhood provide ample opportunities for casual, affordable lunches. HiF students also have access to a rich program of conferences organized by Columbia Global Centers. Hours of operation and CGC activities will be updated according to sanitary rules.

Reid Hall
Reid Hall (Columbia Global Centers), the academic building of Hamilton in France

Library Resources

All HiF students are registered in at least one Parisian institution. They have access to their respective libraries (Paris 1, Paris 3, Paris 6, Paris 7, Institut catholique de Paris, École du Louvre). The Paris public library system, with branches in all neighborhoods, is open to all students, as are the research libraries Bibliothèque Sainte-Geneviève, the Bibliothèque Nationale or Centre Pompidou. The program covers the cost of library cards. Hamilton in France has its own modest library stacks, several magazine and newspaper subscriptions and plenty of print resources about Paris and France for student use.


Students are required to use Blackboard throughout the semester/year, which we use for:

  • Emergency/safety information
  • Course information and schedules
  • Cultural information on Paris
  • Orientation journal
  • Excursion itineraries and group activities
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