Excursions & Cultural Visits

The classroom is just one part of the package. Hamilton in France includes in its tuition and fees a full program of excursions, visits and group activities. These give students the opportunity to broaden their experience, get better acquainted with multiple aspects of French culture and history and come together regularly as a group.

Weekend and Day Trips

The program organizes four or five overnight excursions per year in different regions of France, for instance Brittany, Mont St. Michel, Provence, the Loire Valley castles and Alsace. There are also day trips closer to Paris to places such as Fontainebleau and Giverny. Excursions are designed to provide an array of historical, cultural and artistic activities and to introduce students to regional cuisines and treasures. Whenever possible, excursions include historical and local points of interest such as vineyards, farms and artist workshops. Travel, hotel accommodation, meals, visits and guides are included in Hamilton in France tuition and fees.

Visits within Paris

Visits are scheduled regularly throughout the year to unusual sites in Paris such as the Institut du Monde Arabe, the Gobelins tapestry workshop, the catacombs and the Père Lachaise cemetery. There are also  guided thematic walks in particular neighborhoods. Students are encouraged to propose excursions.

Outings Allowance

To encourage individual cultural exploration, each semester students are reimbursed for selected outings such as viewing European films, visiting museums and monuments and attending performances of opera and ballet.

Cultural Activities

Some Hamilton in France classes include regular visits to sites of cultural and historical importance in or outside Paris. Theses visits are included in the tuition and fees. "French Painting" alternates classes at Reid Hall with visits to various museums and monuments. "French Theater" includes performances in renowned theaters every two or three weeks. Entrance fees for films required for certain cinema classes will be reimbursed by the program.

Dinners and Receptions

The director will organize regular dinners or receptions around holidays and special events.

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