The classroom is just one part of the experience for HiF students. Included in HiF tuition and fees is a full program of study trips, visits and group activities. These give students the opportunity to get acquainted with multiple aspects of French culture and history and come together regularly as a group.

HiF will update the program of study trips closer to departure, according to French and US travel regulations and academic calendars.

Weekend and Day Study Trips

HiF organizes overnight study trips as well as day visits closer to Paris (e.g. Versailles, Fontainebleau and/or Giverny/Normandy). Fall and Spring destinations are different to accommodate annual students.

Off-site trips provide an overview of the history, cultures and arts of various regions.

Travel, hotel accommodation, meals, visits and guides (usually university affiliated historians and art historians) are included in HiF fees.

Visits Within Paris

Visits are scheduled regularly throughout the year to unique sites in Paris, including guided thematic walks in particular neighborhoods. 

Allowance for Personal Exploration

To encourage individual exploration, students are reimbursed 75 Euros a semester for selected cultural outings such as European films, museums and monuments, and opera, ballet and theater performances. 

Cultural Activities

Some HiF classes include regular visits to sites of cultural and historical importance in or outside Paris. “French Painting” alternates classes at Reid Hall with visits to various museums and monuments. “French Theater” is based on performances in renowned theaters every two or three weeks and “Paris Architecture” includes explorations of various neighborhoods and significant and less known monuments. HiF also reimburses films required for cinema classes. 

Dinners and Receptions

HiF organizes regular dinners or receptions around holidays and special events. These activities, if allowed, will follow strict rules imposed by the French authorities.

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