We hope that no one will need medical treatment while in France, but in case it happens, here is a summary of health information.
Pharmacie Paris

Before departure, students should bring a full supply of their medicine, of all prescriptions and make arrangements with their own practitioner for online consulting, including mental health.

There is a great number of first-rate medical services and facilities in Paris and everywhere in France; the cost of medical care is generally lower than in the US. Emergency services are also well-developed throughout the city, and in some case, house calls are possible.

Upon arrival in France, students receive detailed information regarding health care and psychological services, including an updated list of English-speaking practitioners.

In addition, the French platform Doctolib.fr is an easy way to find medical services and book an appointment anywhere in Paris.

Insurance Coverage

Students’ Responsibility

While enrolled in HiF, students must be enrolled in their home insurance; students should check in advance what services their insurance will or will not cover while in France, including mental health.

Included in HiF Tuition & Fees

HiF enrolls students in CISI International Travel Health Insurance at no charge (Cultural Insurance Services International).  This insurance covers medical costs for illness, accident, injury that occur while abroad. It does not cover any pre-existing condition.

Included in CISI Insurance Coverage

  •  Insurance coverage is effective from first day through end date of the program. Students receive a letter for their visa application.
  • Covers physical examination and medical treatment by a physician for an injury or illness that commences while your coverage is in effect (program dates), not for conditions that existed before departure.
  • Physical examination and medical treatment by a physician for an injury or illness that worsens or becomes acute while your coverage is in effect (program dates).
  • Trip cancellation or interruption: the company will pay a benefit (up to $2000) if you are prevented from taking your covered trip due to sickness, accidental injury or death of you, or family member, which results in medically imposed restrictions as certified by a physician.
  • For emergency dental treatment for accidental injury (up to $750).
  • Emergency evacuation (must be ordered by a physician).
  • Repatriation Services.

Insurance Coverage Exclusions

  • Extreme sports including skydiving, hang-gliding, parachuting, mountaineering, racing, bungee cord jumping, speed contesting, scuba diving, spelunking or caving heliskiing, extreme skiing are not covered by CISI.
  • Any non-emergency treatment or surgery, routine physical examinations, hearing aids, eye glasses or contact lenses.
  • Care or treatment that is not medically necessary or that started before departure.
Students will receive an updated policy brochure and an ID card by email prior to departure. Please consult the brochure for updates or changes in the policy.  Students are responsible for reading and understanding CISI policy materials.

Psychological Services at Reid Hall

HiF partners with a consortium of trained psychologists who are native English speakers: Psychological Services at Reid Hall. Hamilton covers the cost of the first two consultations; students are responsible for further consultations, payable at the end of each consultation. All consultations, including the first two covered by HiF, are confidential.

Depending on the cases, CISI insurance may cover additional consultations for students who have experienced a crisis starting during the stay in France (not pre-existing). Check what mental care is covered by your home insurance.

When appropriate, referrals to psychiatric, psychological or medical services outside of Reid Hall are suggested and facilitated.


We encourage all students to practice a physical activity. Paris has multiple fitness clubs to cater to a large portion of the population who practice a sport. Some activities are available through the university system (for students enrolled in a French university). But running or walking the streets of Paris is very easy and convenient.

Hamilton will reimburse 75 euros per semester for wellness activities.

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