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This is a partial list of courses taken by Hamilton in France students at various Paris universities and institutions between 2011-2015. These lists will help prospective students and advisors appreciate the breadth of courses available to them and to plan their own academic program. Final course lists for 2015-16 will not be available until students arrive in France. Some courses in the lists below may not be available from year to year, and some may have slightly different names. Additional courses will be available.

Once students have consulted with, and received approval from, their on-campus advisors, students will send a preliminary course selection to program office in Clinton, N.Y.,  during the spring prior to departure. The student and program director will discuss and determine a final program once course catalogues are available in France.

See abbreviations and descriptions of Paris Institutes


Art History

19th- and 20th- Century French Painting, Hamilton In France (HiF)
Architecture: Private and Public Space (HiF)
Writing on Art (UP7)
French Art from the Enlightment to Impressionism (ICP)
Other courses for non specialists are available through the Institut Catholique and Paris 7 (all periods)

Ecole du Louvre
Note: Annual students majoring in Art History with good French are eligible to enroll at the Ecole du Louvre. Recent courses taken there:

  • Christian Architecture
  • Contemporary French Art
  • French Painting and Sculpture
  • History of Photography
  • Iconography
  • Islamic Art
  • Art Nouveau
Applied Arts: dance, drawing, music, painting, photography, sculpture)

Note: Open to students majoring in the arts or with prior for credit work at the college level.

Dance (African; Ballet; Contemporary etc.) (Centre du Marais)
Photography I and II  (argentic) (Institut Vermès)
Painting, Drawing (Still life; Watercolor; Figure Drawing etc.) (Académie de la Grande Chaumière, Académie de Port Royal or Institut de la Croix Nivert)
Instrument (piano; violin; flute etc.) (Schola Cantorum)
Voice (Schola Cantorum)

Cinema, Theater, Music

Contemporary French Women Filmmakers (HiF)
Introduction to Contemporary Cinema (UP3)
Aesthetics of the Image (UP3)
From the Camera’s Eye to the Film’s Skin (UP3)
History and Analysis of Music in Film (UP3)
Staging Sexuality in Contemporary Film (UP3)
Filmic Documentary (UP7)
Cinema and Society (UP7)
Aesthetics of the Image (UP3)
Introduction (UP3)
Bollywood (UP3)
Theater and the Paris Stage (HiF)
Traditional Chinese Theater (UP3)
Ethnographic Cinema (UP3)
Theater Workshop (UP3)
Film and the Senses (UP3)
European Theater (UP7)
Methods in Film Analysis (UP7)


Comparative Literature

Fictions of Exile (UP3)
Women’s Autobiography (UP3)
Fin de siècle Suicides (UP3)
The Detective Novel (UP3)
The Rwanda Genocide (UP3)
Narratives of Chinese Diaspora (UP3)
African Oral Literature (UP3)


Open only to students who major in English. Courses possibly available, but not taken in the recent past.

French and Francophone Literature

Introduction to 19th and 20th Century Literature (HiF)
The Voice of the People in 19th Century literature (UP3)
The Artificial Man (UP3)
Francophone African Literature (UP3)
Francophone Women’s Novel (UP3)
Freedom and Colonization in 18th-Century French Literature (UP3)
Revolution in 19th-Century French Literature
Writing the City in 19th- and 20th-Century French Literature (UP3)
The Fantastic in 19th Century Poetry and the Short Story (UP3)
Picturing Paris (UP3)
Literature, Politics, Philosophy (UP3)
Ancient Mythology: Jason and the Golden Fleece (UP3)
The Myth of Pygmalion (UP3)
Violence in Literature (UP3)
Historical Novel: The Renaissance (UP3)
Prostitution in 19th Century French Literature (UP3)
Quebec Literature (UP3)
Single author seminars:  (UP3)

Honoré de Balzac
Emile Zola
Marguerite Duras


Note: Only students who have received college credit in the language can enroll in language courses (except for Arabic which can be started in Paris.) The list below represents languages available, not necessarily taken recently.

Arabic (IMA, UP3)
Chinese (UP7)
German (UP3, UP7)
Iranian (UP3)
Italian (CCI)
Latin (ICP, UP3)
Romanian (UP3)


Ancient Classical Philosophy (ICP)
History of Ancient Greece (ICP)
Epistemology of the Cognitive Sciences (ICP)
Aristotle (ICP)
French Phenomenology (ICP)
Science and Ethics: Bioethics (ICP)
Dialectic of Marx and Hegel (ICP)
Benjamin and Krauss Philosophical Texts (UP7)

Religious Studies

The Secular State (HMS)
Introduction to Christianity (ICP)
Introduction to Islam (ICP)
Islam in France (ICP)
Taoism, Hindouism, Confucionism (ICP)
African Myths and Symbols (ICP)



Radio: Theory and Practice (UP3)
Theory of Communication (UP3)
Language and Society (UP3)
Theories and Models of Communication (UP3)


Economy of Work (UP7)
Descriptive Economy (UP7)
Economy of Social Protection (P7)
European Economy (UP7)
History of Economic Thought (UP7)
Political Economy (UP7)
Math for Economics (UP7)
(*also see IEP below)


History of Sub-Saharan Africa (UP7)
Slavery and Slave Society (UP7)
History of the Middle Ages (UP7)
19th-Century European History  (UP7)
20th-Century European History (UP7)
Medieval Muslim World (UP7)
Origins of Rome(UP7)
Contemporary Latin American History (UP7)
History of the Body (UP7)
History of Sensibilities (UP7)
European Maritime Domination (ICP)
Franco-British Maritime Rivalry in the 18th Century (ICP)
(*also see IEP below)

Political Science, Sociology, Anthropology

France and Europe (HMS)
The European Union (HMS)
Francafrique (HMS)
Modern Arab Thought (UP3)
Political Issues of Globalization (ICP)
Introduction to International Relations (ICP)
Modernity and Human Rights (ICP)
Totalitarian Systems (ICP)
Urban Sociology  (UP7)
Social and Cultural Anthropology (UP7)
Geography: Space and Society (ICP)
Urban and Rural Geography (UP7)
Religion and Politics of the Arab World (UP3)
Modern Arab Thought (UP3)
Political Issues (ICP)
Modernity and Human Rights
(*also see IEP, and UP1  below)

*Note: A limited number of annual students with superior French can apply to the following institutions for History and Political Science courses. Separate application is required.

Institut d’Etudes Politiques (Science Po) Spring semester only
American Civil Society
Cities and Geopolitics
History of Political Trends
International Defense and Security
Political History of Europe
The Press: Actor and Mirror of the World
France and the Antilles
Main Issues in Comparative Politics
Industrial Economics
National Identity in 19th-Century Europe
Money and Politics in Modern France
Metamorphosis of the Family
National Political Identity
Art in War and Peace
Contemporary Middle Eastern Politics
Money and Politics: Corruption
Industrial Economy
Processes in World Economy

Paris 1 Panthéon either semester; courses taken in 2014-15:
19th-Century French Cultural History
History of Modern Europe
Political Philosophy
Three Caliphates


Courses available only to majors in related fields; pre-med students or students with demonstrated pre-requisites.


Research in Biochemistry (UP6)
Molecular Biology (UP6)
Integrative Normal and Pathological Histology (UP6)
Sensory System (UP6)
Physiology (UP6)


Organic Chemistry (UP6)
Electrochemistry (UP6)
Physiology of Hormonal and Neuronal Signaling (UP6)
Sensory System (UP6)
Spectroscopy and Crystallography (UP6)


Statistics and Cartography (UP7)
Mathematics for the Social Sciences (UP7)
Math for Economy (UP7)
Probability and Statistics (UP7)
Vector Calculus (UP6)
Prime Number Theory (UP6)
Algebra (UP6)
Quadratic Forms and Geometry (UP6)


Thermodynamics (UP6)


Child Psychology (EPP)
Cognitive Psychology (EPP)
Introduction to Psychopathology (UP7)

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