Student Responsibilities

To live abroad successfully, participants in the Hamilton program need stamina and a good sense of humor!

With the freedom and individual responsibility given to students in European universities, Hamilton in France members must conduct themselves in a responsible way. We assume emotionally mature undergraduates understand what constitutes responsible behavior without written rules for every occasion, but some rules will be clearly stated at the time of enrollment. Since the program is quite rigorous and demanding, only persons in good physical and mental health should apply.

Students are required to register with their particular embassy as soon as they arrive in France.

Members of Hamilton in France are, above all, students and should make their academic life their first priority.  Summer vacations, two weeks in December, two weeks during spring semester and long weekends offer ample opportunity for travel.

Students are under the supervision of the director and assistant to the director, with the support of the Hamilton administration in the U.S. in case of emergency. This supervision terminates only with the official conclusion of the semester or year. The director has the authority to place a student on probation or recommend a student for formal dismissal when the student's work or conduct warrants such action.

Upon arrival, students must sign a pledge to speak only French with students of the program, in their home stay, during all HiF activities and in all Reid Hall spaces. The language pledge applies to all group activities and to our Biarritz and Paris offices, classrooms and student rooms. It is an integral part of our program.

In order to maintain close ties between Hamilton in France students and the team of director and assistant to the director, enrollment is limited to approximately 30 students.

Contact Information

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