Paris offers countless cultural, social and educational opportunities, and Hamilton in France urges participants to seek them out beyond the program’s own group activities. Read more about students’ involvement with artistic, cultural or social associations, which is the best way for students to integrate and build a Parisian lifestyle.

The program staff will advise students and help locate activities; then students make their own arrangements to participate. Hamilton in France may reimburse a portion of the costs. Consider the following options:

Student Groups

Paris universities abound with special-interest associations: sports, travel and hiking – and various cultural activities in the city.

Community Classes, Volunteering

HiF maintains information about non-academic courses that are usually heavily subsidized by the Paris Town Hall in various city districts. Program staff will advise students who want to find volunteer work.

Social Activities

HiF may cosponsor receptions with French student organizations and encourages students to make suggestions and assist in planning events. A French student assistant is available to meet with students for weekly conversation and to answer questions about university life.


Students seeking competitive play may join local athletic associations. There are many opportunities for joining soccer, basketball, swimming and volleyball teams. Interested students should investigate possibilities before or upon arrival in France because memberships are usually annual and the season may run from October through May.

Student Teaching

Students interested in volunteer teaching may register through a program in which they teach three to four hours a week in a Paris lycée or collège.

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