Most colleges allow the transfer of fellowships and financial aid to Hamilton in France. In addition, most educational loans apply to study abroad programs. 
Contact your financial aid office directly for more details. 
  • Federal Perkins Loans, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants, or State Student Incentive Grants are usually transferable. 
  • Students who hold a scholarship from their college or from another source, and are allowed to transfer the funds to HiF, must ask the proper authority to inform HiF in writing by June 1 (fall semester or AY) and November 1 (spring semester).
  • HiF will accept financial aid and scholarship payments according to the disbursement schedule of the home school, but again, we require this information in writing from an official at that school.
  • The Hamilton College Business Office will bill the student’s account for the full amount and credit any scholarship funds to the account when the funds are received.

Additional Scholarship Aid

HiF offers some scholarships to non-Hamilton students who demonstrate financial need. Students needing a scholarship must include proof of need in their application materials to be considered. Responses will be given promptly. Scholarships include the following four (more may be available) and amount to about $1500 each. 

  • Marcel I. Moreau Memorial Scholarship in honor of Marcel I. Moreau, the former Burgess Professor of Romance Languages, who founded Hamilton in France in 1957-58.
  • Frank G. Hamlin Scholarship in honor of Frank G. Hamlin, late professor of French and director of Hamilton in France, available to a French major who demonstrates financial need.
  • James B. Davis Travel Grant in honor of James B. Davis, the former Burgess Professor of Romance Languages and director of Hamilton in France, is a grant covering round-trip travel New York-Paris-New York (and possibly a connecting flight from a US airport to JFK).
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