Hamilton in France (HiF) is:

  • An academic program located in Paris, with comprehensive fees (courses, advising, housing, and a program of cultural activities and field trips). 
  • Immersive and experiential.
  • Designed for students at the intermediate high or higher level in French. 

A Fit for Most Majors

HiF welcomes students from all disciplines (humanities, the arts, the social sciences, and the natural sciences); qualified students (academic and language) are able to enroll in French universities for part of their courses. Other courses are offered by qualified HiF faculty. 

At Home in Paris

HiF is based in central Paris; students stay in carefully chosen French-speaking homes where they can live the language and culture. Half board is included in program fees.

Personal Support

With guidance from the program director, students design an individualized program of studies that meets their specific academic requirements and to foster their intellectual growth and curiosity. If students are interested, Hamilton in France will help them find extracurricular activities such as volunteer work, sports, or music. 

Investigate, Engage

Included with tuition and fees is a program of organized excursions/study trips to various regions in France and in and around Paris. These trips help build up the student experience in France beyond the classroom in meaningful and fun ways.

All in French, All the Time

Hamilton in France students are required to sign a pledge committing them to speaking only French during the program activities, with their hosts, and HiF peers. This pledge is one of the features that distinguishes HiF from most other American programs in France. It ensures that students will return to the U.S. having made significant improvements in their linguistic skills regardless of their level when they arrived.

Hamilton in France student blog

Student Blog

Students share their discoveries, challenges, and adventures during the Hamilton in France program.


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