Founded in 1957 as Hamilton College Junior Year in France, the program provides students with an international academic experience that reflects Hamilton’s commitment to the liberal arts and to personal exploration and experiences.
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HiF is directed by Hamilton professors of French or guest directors from Liberal Arts Colleges on a rotating basis all well versed in the French educational system and of cultural and daily life in France. HiF is small enough to provide individual advising and personal support. In order to maintain that level of service, the program is limited to 35 students.

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The program’s integrated academic, linguistic and cultural components enable students to progress in their academic discipline, acquire excellent linguistic proficiency, gain confidence and become more informed citizens of the world.

Recent HiF participants came from Amherst College, Bates College, Bowdoin College, Colby College, Colgate University, Grinnell College, Hamilton College, Scripps College and Williams College. 

 Prospective candidates from other U.S. institutions should contact their Off-Campus Study office.

All In French, All the Time

HiF students commit to speaking only French in all activities, with their hosts and HiF peers. Before departure and upon arrival, they are required to sign a pledge to speak nothing but French with members of the program. This pledge is one of the features that distinguishes Hamilton in France from most other American programs in France.

Courses for All Majors

Advised by the director, students with the appropriate level of French can choose courses for their majors from a broad selection of courses either specifically organized for HiF students or in the Paris university system and other institutions of higher learning. Some areas of studies are limited to majors within the discipline who have a minimum of 5th or 6th semester in French (Philosophy; Sciences; Louvre classes). 

Normally, students enroll in four credits, and must take one course at a university and one HiF course. 


Full-credit HiF supervised internships are available for fall, spring and annual students with high level of proficiency who will receive credit from their home institutions. 

Internships take place in selected Paris-based non-profit organizations, labs or businesses. They comprise eight weeks of hands-on experience; sixteen to twenty hours of work a week; they result in a capstone research project of about 20/25 pages in French and a public presentation. Internship students are supervised by a trained Hamilton in France faculty or the Director.

After Hamilton in France

Serious study in France through HiF has helped many students secure graduate fellowships and assistantships, admission to graduate school in a wide range of disciplines — medicine, law, business, architecture, museum, teaching positions and other employment opportunities that require autonomy, flexibility and responsibility.

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Students share their discoveries, challenges, and adventures during the Hamilton in France program.


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