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Configuring a Device

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Printing at Hamilton College
Secure Wireless Configuration
Appropriate Use of Information Technology Resources
Keep Your Computer Healthy and Safe
Printer Installer for Personal Macs
Network Printer Installation for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 & 10
iOS Setup
Android Wireless Setup
Connecting to the Guest Wireless Network
Mobile Devices - Project and Task Management Apps
2 step verification
Secure Wireless Setup for Mac OS 10.7.X & Higher
Mobile Devices - Geospatial/Geosciences Apps
Hamilton Passwords - Systems
Configuring my Mobile Device for HillConnect (Google) Email
Mobile Devices - Note taking
Mobile Devices - Chemistry Apps
Using Remote Desktop in Windows 7
Using VPN in Windows 7/8
VPN Documentation
Manual VPN Client Installation for Windows 8
Using VPN in Mac OSX
Create a High-Quality Video Conference
Screen Lock Policy
Hamilton Passwords
Data Backup and Storage
Google Sync for iOS devices
Hamilton Encryption FAQ
Hamilton Password Manager Enroll
Phone Instructions
Setting Up a New iPad
Hamilton Encryption
OS X - Change Security Settings
Understanding Hamilton's Web Space
Setting Up a Passcode for an iPad
Manual Printer Installation for Personal Macintoshes (Departmental Printers- Faculty Only)
Current Wildcard Certificate Servers
Installing the Hamilton.edu WildCard SSL Certificate (GoDaddy) on an IIS Server
Network Printer Installation on Windows 7 & 8 for Employees
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