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SiteManager 4.5 Information

The following modules are available in SiteManager for basic and advanced users. Click on the name of the module for more information and best practices.

changes Module All  Editors editors on academics, students, people, courses, and conferences  SiteManager Advanced Users
  Text x x x
  Accordion x x x
  Article Database x x x
  Callout x x x
  Card Group     x
  Digest     x
  Filtered List x x x
  Google Forms and Calendar   x x
  Google Map   x x
  Gallery (replaces images, slideshows, videos)     x
  Important Dates x x x
(related links style)
x x x
  News List x N/A x
  Shared Content x    
  Site Contact x x x
  Staff Directory x x x
  Testimonial x   x
  Timeline x    
  Topic Blocks   x x
  Twitter Embed   x x
  Video    x x

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